Analyse critique de L’économie politique du régime des traités d’investissement

Dans leur nouvel ouvrage, Jonathan Bonnitcha, LaugePoulsenet Michael Waibel développent une structure cohérente de l’analyse politique des traités d’investissement, qui devrait attirer l’intérêt des gouvernements à l’heure d’examiner leurs politiques en matière de traités. L’ouvrage soutient que tels qu’appliqués actuellement, les traités d’investissement semblent souvent mal adaptés aux préoccupations économiques identifiables.

ALENA 2.0 : les cycles de négociation entre le Canada, les États-Unis et le Mexique se poursuivront lors du premier trimestre 2018

Les trois parties à l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA) ont tenu leurs troisième, quatrième et cinquième cycles de renégociation (Ottawa, 23-27 septembre 23–27 ; Arlington, 11-17 octobre 11–17 ; et Mexico, 17-21 novembre). Le prochain cycle de renégociation de l’ALENA se tiendra du 23 au 28 janvier 2018 à Montréal.

European Union and Canada co-host discussions on a multilateral investment court

On December 13 and 14, 2016, the European Commission and the Canadian Government co-hosted exploratory discussions on establishing a multilateral investment court. Government representatives from several countries attended the closed-door meeting in Geneva. Upon concluding CETA, the two hosts had vowed to “work expeditiously” to create a permanent investment court, building on the ICS mechanism included in the agreement. The goal of […]

Following criticisms of CETA, academics propose reforms in EU trade and investment policy and negotiations

On December 5, 2016, the Belgian region of Wallonia published the Namur Declaration, proposing to change EU trade policy and negotiations. The document was initially signed by 40 academics from several countries, including Paul Magnette, Minister-President of Wallonia. The region made the news in October 2016, when its parliament temporarily blocked the approval of CETA by the Belgian […]

ITN  |  décembre 12, 2016

News in Brief

(English) Trump election affects mega-regional negotiations including TTIP, TPP and RCEP

Brazil and India initial Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT); text yet to be published

CETA signed; Canada and European Union to “work expeditiously” on creating a Multilateral Investment Court

News in Brief

(English) Brexit and contentious topics complicate TTIP negotiations; public opposition continues

EU negotiation agenda to continue despite Brexit; MERCOSUR and Indonesia at sight

United Kingdom makes trade and investment negotiation moves for post-Brexit era

CETA to be concluded as a mixed agreement; commission hopes for signing in october

RCEP partners conclude 13th negotiating round in auckland; three further rounds in 2016

India takes steps to reform its investment policy framework after approving new model bit

ITN  |  mai 16, 2016

News in Brief

(English) US$50 billion awards against Russia in Yukos Cases are set aside by Dutch Court

TTIP draft to be prepared by July; ISDS being built based on both EU and US proposals

China – US BIT: ISDS to be included; ongoing negotiations on negative lists

Three mining disputes: The first investment disputes against Colombia come to light

Canada-European Union CETA re-concluded in February to incorporate the EU ICS proposal

Second ICSID claim filed against Uruguay; Philip Morris decision still pending

Singapore International Arbitration centre releases investment arbitration rules

ITN  |  février 29, 2016

Commission attempts to reopen CETA negotiations with Canada to revisit ISDS

EU officials are said to have requested the new Canadian federal government to revisit the ISDS clause in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), according to reports by CBC News on January 21, 2016. CETA negotiations were announced as concluded in August 2014. The CETA provides for a more traditional-style ISDS mechanism, which is not in line with […]