Norme de révision

La proportionnalité, le caractère raisonnable et les normes d’examen dans le droit international des investissements et l’arbitrage

Cet ouvrage examine le bien-fondé et les lacunes de l’usage, par les tribunaux arbitraux, des concepts de proportionnalité et de caractère raisonnable afin d’examiner la compatibilité des actions réglementaires de l’État avec ses obligations au titre du droit international des investissements.

The Source for Determining Standards of Review in International Investment Law

After several cases assessing whether state regulation in the public interest gives rise to a claim under an investment treaty, commentators have begun asking questions about the applicable standard of review that should be applied in evaluating those claims. Now that there is emerging clarity around the interpretation of the most common substantive investment treaty […]

Deference or No Deference, That is the Question: Legitimacy and Standards of Review in Investor-State Arbitration

The appropriate standard of review to be applied in investor-state arbitration—as well as in other dispute settlement contexts, for that matter—remains a recurrent and much debated topic.[1] The reason is straightforward: In many cases, the outcome of arbitral proceedings hinges, inter alia, on the intensity with which a tribunal scrutinizes the conduct of the investment’s […]