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This easy to use guide is for developing countries that are engaged in various levels of mining negotiations with mining companies.
A new Communiqué invites countries, companies and civil society organizations to join us in supporting accelerated action to eliminate inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies as part of a major contribution to climate change mitigation.  
How much do you know about fossil fuel subsidies? Why do we need to make progress on them before the end of the year? Find out more in this short video.

Our senior associate Aaron Cosbey will be on the expert panel of this discussion organized by The Guardian newspaper. Click here to read more and to join the discussion.
IISD is pleased to welcome the Government of Ontario's move to introduce a cap and trade policy. Click here to read our reaction in full.
Want to read IISD's take on China and the Environment on Contributoria: the independent journalist network? Read more and vote for us by clicking here.

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