ITN  |  mai 11, 2010

American gas services firm Exterran files for arbitration against Venezuela over nationalized assets

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz May 11, 2010 (NOTE: A correction has been made to this article.  An explanation is posted below) Houston-based Exterran Holdings has taken Venezuela to ICSID over […]

April 2010 ITN

April 2010 In this issue: Tribunal finds Ecuador in breach of BIT for its judiciary’s slow handling of Texaco lawsuits; Tribunal hears additional challenges to its jurisdiction in Railroad Development […]

ITN  |  avril 7, 2010

Oil transport company Tidewater Inc. initiates ICSID arbitration against Venezuela over expropriated assets

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz April 8, 2010 New Orleans-based Tidewater Inc. has initiated arbitration against Venezuela at ICSID over the latter’s alleged take-over of 15 of the company’s vessels in […]

March 2010 ITN

March 2010 In this issue: ICSID tribunal applies ad hoc approach to confidentiality in arbitral proceedings; A merits hearing takes place in protracted NAFTA dispute over US tobacco settlements; Ecuadoreans […]

ITN  |  mars 10, 2010

In Brief: Proceedings are suspended in dispute between French oil company and Ecuador

By Elizabeth Whitsitt March 11, 2010 Thomas Bingham, President of the ICSID tribunal in Perenco Ecuador Limited v. Ecuador has resigned. At the center of the dispute between Perenco and […]

ITN  |  janvier 12, 2010

ICSID Tribunal sides with Chile, rejects claimant’s partial revision request in long running dispute over El Clarin newspaper

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz January 13, 2010 An ICSID tribunal has rejected a partial revision request by Pey Casado and the Presidente Allende Foundation of an award rendered in their […]

ITN  |  janvier 12, 2010

Cemex v. Venezuela: challenges to ICSID arbitrators must be made « promptly »

By Elizabeth Whitsitt January 13, 2010 On November 6, 2009 two members of an ICSID arbitral tribunal – Judge Gilbert Guillaume (President) and Professor Georges Abi-Saab – dismissed Venezuela’s challenge […]

December 2009 ITN

ITN December 2009 In this issue: Very High Standard of Review for ICSID Annulment Applications Confirmed; German investor launches ICSID case against Costa Rica over alleged expropriation of land near […]

ITN  |  décembre 4, 2009

Canadian mining company Gold Reserve commences ICSID arbitration against Venezuela

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz December 6, 2009 Canadian mining company Gold Reserve has commenced arbitration against Venezuela at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) over the alleged […]

November 2009 ITN

ITN November 2009 In this issue: ICSID Tribunal Confirms that Allegations of Corruption Must Be Substantiated by « Clear and Convincing Evidence »; F-W Oil Interests Inc. v. Republic of Trinidad & […]