ITN February 2008

ITN February 21, 2008

In this issue: Yemen found to have breached BIT in dispute with Omani construction company; Blocked eco-tourism project in Costa Rica parkland leads to BIT arbitration; Tribunal appointed to hear NAFTA claim over thwarted garbage site in Canada; Tribunal selected in German firm’s arbitration over Ghanaian cocoa processor; US investor threatens Canada over quarry project rejected on environmental grounds; Zurich event to discuss investment treaty arbitration on March 7; British Institute to host annual London conference on investment treaty law on May 9.

ITN February 5, 2008

In this issue: MFN clause used successfully in bid by minority Yukos shareholders to sue Russia; ANALYSIS: RosInvest ruling adds to muddy picture of MFN’s effect on arbitration; Ecuador will denounce at least nine bilateral investment treaties; UNCITRAL Working Group meets as investor-state questions loom; Argentine challenge to arbitrator in National Grid case is rejected in reasoned decision; NAFTA tribunal declines jurisdiction in Canadian cattle ranchers’ dispute with the US; Investment treaties touted as alternative to WTO in on-line gambling dispute; Poland says talks progressing with Eureko as arbitration damages phase continues; re-launches under Oxford banner.