ITN August 2006

ITN August 23, 2006

In this issue: Russia prevails in Stockholm arbitration with Belgian construction firm owners; Tribunal affirms jurisdiction and treaty-shopping in Buenos Aires water dispute; Tribunal affirms jurisdiction and treaty shopping in Argentine electricity case; French investor criticizes governments’ handling of Cambodian dispute; South African opposition complains about delay in signing SA-Zimbabwe BIT; OECD addresses multinationals investing in countries with weak governments.

ITN August 10, 2006

In this issue: Existence of ‘umbrella’ clause denied by tribunal in US-Argentina BIT dispute; Foreign investors allege expropriation in multiple new arbitrations with Azerbaijan; Canadian miner may sue Bulgaria in dispute over environmental impact assessment; Despite time-bar ruling in NAFTA arbitration, Grand River claim will proceed in part; UNCTAD reports on investment provisions in economic integration agreements; London workshop to examine procedural aspects of investment treaty arbitration.