ITN July 2006

ITN July 26, 2006

In this issue: Azurix wins claim against Argentina, recoups a portion of its sunk costs; Analysis: tribunal finds several treaty breaches in Argentine treatment of water firm; British mining company serves notice of arbitration on Kyrgyzstan as dispute heats up; Chevron warns Ecuador on BIT claim as contract and environmental disputes persist; Mexico prevails in NAFTA Chapter 11 arbitration over financial services.

ITN July 19, 2006

In this issue: Argentina liable for breaches of US-Argentina BIT in dispute with US water firm; Spanish fund to open new front in arbitration against Russia over Yukos; UNCITRAL to review arbitral rules, greater transparency not on the agenda; Argentina persists with challenges to arbitrators in BIT cases; Conciliation of international investment disputes remains under-utilized; European Commission makes another play for power to negotiate investment pacts; Canada schedules consultation on FIPAs, identifies priority countries; Norwegian fish company sues Czech Republic under BIT.

ITN July 4, 2006

In this issue: Belgian Court ruling postpones challenge to Eureko arbitrator for six months; Tanzania wants open hearings in BIT arbitration over water concession; Tribunal will hear BIT arbitration over Suez Canal dredging; Ukraine reaches settlement in BIT claim by US-govt venture capital fund; Lawyer says risk insurance claims may be alternative to BIT arbitration in Bolivia; Cemex looks to exit Indonesia, ICSID arbitration continues for the time being; China and Australia seek ambitious investment agreement through an FTA.