ITN September 2005

ITN September 15, 2005

In this issue: Investors in Romanian oil firm warn Romania of potential arbitration; Czech Republic says it prevailed in Swedish Court over GSM cell phone arbitration; Dutch-based steel firm threatens investment treaty claim against Czech Republic; Cargill is fourth company to arbitrate against Mexico over sweetener tax; Egypt-US free trade pact to supersede earlier BIT; Egypt has faced many BIT claims; Divided tribunal finds Polish privatization ‘reversal’ violates treaty with Netherlands; Amnesty International scrutinizes Exxon’s investment pacts with Chad-Cameroon; Geneva event to look at human rights implications of foreign investment governance; Paris event to discuss state entities and international arbitration.

ITN September 6, 2005

In this issue: Dutch insurance firm, Eureko, wins investment treaty arbitration with Poland; Czech Republic faces another arbitration over foreign investment in media sector; Czech commission critical of the state’s defence of CME arbitration; Conflict on the horizon: Oil companies in Venezuela consider arbitration; Canadian mining firm with suit against Venezuela, threatens claim against Costa Rica; Dutch firm Interbrew withdraws ICSID arbitration against Slovenia; US-Southern Africa negotiations back on track; Criticism leveled at NAFTA Chapter 11 in Canadian Op-Ed article.