ITN February 2004

ITN February 23, 2004

In this issue: US releases draft-text of revised bilateral investment treaty template; US firm mounts BIT claim against Ukraine for failure to enforce arbitral award; London think-tank to discuss briefing paper on UK BITs on Wed Feb 25th.; Washington conference to examine NAFTA Chapter 11 and launch book; Cambridge University to Host Symposium on International Economic Disputes; NY Times profiles Chad’s spending of World Bank-supervised oil revenues.

ITN February 16, 2004

In this issue: Investment Treaty Tribunal Looks Under the Umbrella; UNCTAD Adds to its Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements; NY Times: Foreign Investors Souring on Ecuador’s Oil Sector; Australia-US FTA Sets Precedent With Lack of Investor-State Dispute Mechanism; Bush Admin Sets Process in Motion to Amend BITs with Eastern and Central Europe.

ITN February 6, 2004

In this issue: On-line archive of INVEST-SD News Bulletins redesigned; US-Central America FTA draft text published; contains MFN limitations; Cement firm launches arbitration against Indonesia under contract, ASEAN Treaty; French water and energy firms mount treaty arbitrations against Argentina at ICSID.

ITN February 3, 2004

In this issue: Methanex Tribunal Sets Out Guidelines for Amicus Curiae Submissions.