ITN January 2004

ITN January 23, 2004

In this issue: Concerns Grow Over Pharmaceutical Pricing in US-Australia FTA Talks; Korean-US Bilateral Investment Treaty Talks to Resume After Korean Elections; UK Development Agency Wants Binding International Corporate Responsibilities; Angola Reported to have Misplaced More Than $4 Billion in Oil Revenues; Investor Loses Investment Treaty Case Against Morocco.

ITN January 16, 2004

In this issue: US signals desire for investment to be dropped from WTO’s Doha Round; Australia-US Negotiations at final stage; Australia-Thailand FTA ready for signature; Canadian Court dismisses judicial review of NAFTA SD Myers decision; Investor in Manila investment arbitration at center of twin corruption investigations; US Business Head Challenges Stiglitz Characterization of NAFTA Investment rules.

ITN January 5, 2004

In this issue: World Bank arbitration facility sees another record year of investor-state claims; Early investment arbitrations against « improper » use of environmental laws uncovered; Loewen NAFTA arbitration against the United States not fully resolved; Investment treaty negotiation round-up; Updated list of US bilateral investment treaties available on-line.