ITN May 2007

ITN May 27, 2007

In this issue: Enron wins $106 Million (US) in financial crisis claim against Argentina; Tribunal splits on nationality arguments in Egypt resort property seizure case; Canadian softwood lumber firm files for NAFTA Chapter 11 arbitration against US; US investor files formal arbitration against Canada over thwarted garbage disposal site; French firm launches BIT arbitration against Paraguay over outstanding debt; Investors pursue arbitration over Dominican Republic electricity investments; Bolivia expounds on reasons for withdrawing from ICSID arbitration system.

ITN May 9, 2007

In this issue: Bolivia notifies World Bank of withdrawal from ICSID, pursues BIT revisions; Ecuador announces that it wants out of US investment treaty; Argentina moves to disqualify tribunal in dispute over admitting earlier rulings; Shell drops ICSID suit against Nicaragua over seizure of trademarks; Dispossessed Dutch farmers continue to pursue arbitration over Zimbabwe losses; Canadians sue Costa Rica after controversial financial firm shut down by authorities.