ITN March 2007

ITN March 27, 2007

In this issue: NGOs submit legal brief in Biwater v. Tanzania arbitration; Ad-Hoc Committee declines to annul « extreme » reasoning in award against Chile; ICSID Jurisdiction affirmed as Italian firm accuses Bangladesh of frustrating ICC case; BIT claim against Vietnam settled on confidential terms; Briefing paper analyzes intellectual property provisions in investment treaties.

ITN March 16, 2007

In this issue: Canada encountering static from negotiating partners over transparency demands; European Governments remain split over extent of investment provisions in EU FTAs; EU trade negotiations with India stumble over human rights, proliferation issues; European Governments defend BITs in lawsuit brought by EU Executive Branch; US Gold mining company alleges corruption & breach of BIT by Armenia; US investors in Guatemalan rail privatization give notice of CAFTA arbitration; Italian Government distancing itself from dispute between Italian miners and South Africa; American University in DC to host investment law and human rights workshop.

ITN March 2, 2007

In this issue: Tribunal to permit NGO submission in Biwater-Tanzania water arbitration; NGOs to submit arguments in Suez/Vivendi/Aguas Barcelona dispute with Argentina; Investors eye legal options as Venezuela moves to control heavy oil projects; Chinese investor launches BIT claim against Peru at ICSID; Real estate policy becomes a sticking point in South Korea-US negotiations; U.S. District Court rejects Thunderbird petition to vacate NAFTA tribunal ruling; Investor challenges Ecuadorian windfall tax as breach of oil participation contract; Two new studies explore relationship between BITs and FDI.