ITN December 2006

ITN December 19, 2006

In this issue: Tribunal declines jurisdiction over fraudulently made investment in El Salvador; Greek investor sues over mining operation in first known BIT case against Serbia; US makes last-minute filing in arbitration between Texan farmers and Mexico; Tribunal still deliberating in NAFTA dispute brought by UPS against Canada; New book on foreign investment protection in developing countries; Washington Conference on Energy Charter Treaty slated for May 2007.

ITN December 1, 2006

In this issue: Investment Treaty News now available in Spanish; Belgian court declines Poland’s request to annul award in insurance fight; Pakistan Attorney General advises states to scrutinize investment treaties carefully; Uruguay decries Argentine protestor blockades in pulp mills dispute; Egypt prevails in ICSID dispute with American investors over alleged discrimination; Czech Republic and Nomura Securities reach settlement; Iraq concludes foreign investment law and engages in economic talks with EU; IISD calls upon OECD to undertake further consultations on infrastructure rules.