ITN May 2006

ITN May 31, 2006

In this issue: Belgian court to hear Poland’s challenge to arbitrator Schwebel in Eureko case; Tribunal upholds jurisdiction in Suez’s Santa Fe water dispute with Argentina; Czech hospital bill passes as President warns of investment treaty lawsuits; Germany seeks revisions and addition of investor-state arbitration to Pakistan BIT; German Farmers challenge Namibia land reform, international arbitration considered; Claim threatened by Peruvian slot machine manufacturer against Colombia; OECD proposes investment frameworks for governments amidst public criticism.

ITN May 18, 2006

In this issue: Occidental files BIT claim against Ecuador at ICSID.

ITN May 16, 2006

In this issue: Ecuador moves against Occidental Petroleum contract and assets; Analysis: Foreign investors still in the dark as to terms of Bolivian nationalization; Czech Republic moves to set aside arbitral award in Saluka case; France Télécom latest foreign firm to waive claim against Argentina; UK and Mexico sign investment treaty, following on heels of UK treaty review; Canada-Peru investment agreement nears completion but release of text is in doubt; Canadian lumber firm not abandoning NAFTA suit yet, despite softwood deal; Montreal arbitration conference will examine various investment treaty issues.