ITN January 2006

ITN January 31, 2006

In this issue: Polish Finance Ministry not talking about BIT arbitration at ICC; Parties continue to await ICSID ruling on challenge to tribunal in Pey v. Chile case; Contrary to press rumours, foreign energy firms still on arbitration stand-by in Bolivia; Korea loosens local movie screening quota in order to open FTA talks with US; OECD submits policy recommendations for attracting investment, seeks public input; ICSID Secretary General stepping down; UN Development Programme releases discussion paper on investment treaties and Free Trade Agreement investment provisions.

ITN January 27, 2006

In this issue: Tribunal rejects NAFTA claims against Mexico in Thunderbird Gaming case.

ITN January 20, 2006

In this issue: Bolivian water dispute settled, Bechtel forgoes compensation.

ITN January 12, 2006

In this issue: ICC nixes Argentina’s bid to disqualify arbitrator in National Grid case; UNCTAD study provides new data on incidence of investment treaty arbitration; Croatia power board files Energy Charter Treaty arbitration against Slovenia; Venezuela dodges arbitration with foreign oil companies; pursues new contracts to preclude arbitration of future disputes; Uruguay surprises with ratification of contentious US investment treaty.