ITN November 2005

ITN November 21, 2005

In this issue: Czech Republic pursues shake-up of its bilateral investment treaties; United States and Uruguay ink revised BIT, opposition to treaty remains; U.S.-Thai FTA talks stall on investment chapter; Americas no closer to a hemisphere-wide investment agreement; Canada looks at environmental impact of investment pacts with China, India, Korea; Methanex will not appeal NAFTA arbitration ruling; Business group, union, and NGO weigh in on UPS arbitration against Canada; Czech farmers and environmentalists oppose Mexican investor; Arbitration in wind.

ITN November 2, 2005

In this issue: Tribunal hands down jurisdictional ruling in Bechtel-Bolivia arbitration; Kyrgyzstan challenges Energy Charter award in Swedish courts; US District Court rejects investor’s request to vacate NAFTA Loewen award; Motorola agrees to drop BIT claim against Turkey; Omani investor files BIT arbitration at ICSID against Yemen; Poland retains law firm to challenge Eureko award in Belgian courts; German construction firm alleges Thailand in breach of BIT; Andean countries divided on posture toward investment in US trade talks.