ITN May 2004

ITN May 24, 2004

In this issue: US Launches BIT negotiation with Uruguay; Pakistan Next in Queue?; EU Executive Branch Looking at Possible Incompatibilities of Some European BITs; Canada Releases its Revised Model Investment Treaty; Disputes to be Open; Argentine Government Lawyer Moves to Private Practice; OECD and APEC Convene First Seminar on Investment Flows and Treaties; NYT: Angola will reveal payments from Chevron; Energy Charter Secretariat Seeks Legal Advisor.

ITN May 11, 2004

In this issue: International Treaty Implications Color Canadian Province’s Debate over Public Auto Insurance; Swiss Firm Concedes Corruption Allegations, Abandons Treaty Arbitration Against Pakistan; New Tribunal Constituted in Long-Running Vivendi-Argentina Water Dispute; Investment Treaty Dispute with Morocco Heading to Annulment Phase; India Reportedly Looking to Narrow Reach of Investment Treaty Provisions; UN Agency Releases Upbeat Assessment of Future FDI Patterns; UK Think Tank Publishes Trade/Investment Conference Materials On-line.