ITN September 2003

ITN September 26, 2003

In this issue: Iraq’s New Investment Law Opens Most of Economy to Foreign Investment; Report on Canada’s NAFTA Chapter 11 consultations available; Bechtel and GE mount billion dollar investment treaty claim against India; Tribunal chosen to hear dispute over Peruvian environmental preserve.

ITN September 19, 2003

In this issue: EU-US agree to alter US BITs with EU accession candidates; US businesses worry about Brazil’s lack of ambition in FTAA investment talks; Argentina faces treaty claim launched under UNCITRAL rules; Washington DC, colloquium to discuss international arbitration topics; in November; International law newsletter highlights investor-state disputes; Newsletter looks at investment arbitration under Singapore-Australia free trade treaty.

ITN September 14, 2003

In this issue: Singapore Issues breaks Cancun’s back.

ITN September 14, 2003

In this issue: Regular Reports from WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun; Countries Remain Far Apart on Investment two days into WTO Summit.

ITN September 11, 2003

In this issue: UNCTAD world investment report 2003 charts another decline in FDI flows; New ICSID cases registered against Argentina and Bulgaria; Reminder: Cancun Workshop to discuss investment and sustainable development; International Bar Association conference includes various investment workshops.

ITN September 5, 2003

In this issue: The US position on investor-state arbitration at WTO; Cancun Workshop to discuss investment and sustainable development; WTO draft declaration leaves fate of investment pact up to Ministers in Cancun; UNCTAD releases latest figures on investment liberalization & protection efforts; Czech parliament sets up inquiry of investment dispute – tallies its losses; Fireman’s Fund NAFTA expropriation claim against Mexico to proceed on merits.