Trump retira a los Estados Unidos del TPP; pretende firmar tratados bilaterales

El 23 de enero de 2017, cumpliendo con una promesa de campaña, el Presidente de los Estados Unidos Donald Trump retiró formalmente a su país del Acuerdo Transpacífico de Asociación Económica (TPP, por sus siglas en inglés), firmado en febrero de 2016. La administración de Trump indicó que, en cambio, pretende celebrar tratados bilaterales. En […]

ITN  |  diciembre 12, 2016

Noticias en Breve

(English) Trump election affects mega-regional negotiations including TTIP, TPP and RCEP

Brazil and India initial Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT); text yet to be published

CETA signed; Canada and European Union to “work expeditiously” on creating a Multilateral Investment Court

ITN  |  mayo 16, 2016

News in Brief

(English) US$50 billion awards against Russia in Yukos Cases are set aside by Dutch Court

TTIP draft to be prepared by July; ISDS being built based on both EU and US proposals

China – US BIT: ISDS to be included; ongoing negotiations on negative lists

Three mining disputes: The first investment disputes against Colombia come to light

Canada-European Union CETA re-concluded in February to incorporate the EU ICS proposal

Second ICSID claim filed against Uruguay; Philip Morris decision still pending

Singapore International Arbitration centre releases investment arbitration rules

Investment Developments in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Advocates for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) describe it as a “new generation agreement for the 21st century” that will go further behind the border than any previous free trade agreement (FTA). This signals significant changes in the investment regime found in the current generation of FTAs and bilateral investment treaties (BITs). Precisely what those […]