Tribunal del CIADI otorga daños por expropiación indirecta de Venezuela en una inversión en industria del acero

Tenaris S.A. y Talta-Trading e Marketing Sociedade Unipessoal LDA vs. la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Caso del CIADI No. ARB/11/26

ITN  |  octubre 30, 2012

Awards and Decisions

Majority declines jurisdiction in claim against Argentina over domestic litigation requirement Daimler Financial Services AG v. Argentine Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/05/1 Damon Vis-Dunbar A claim against Argentina by a […]

ITN  |  marzo 10, 2010

A merits hearing takes place in protracted NAFTA dispute over US tobacco settlements

By Elizabeth Whitsitt March 11, 2010 (NOTE: two corrections have been made to this article.  See explanations below.) A three-member tribunal, composed of Mr. Fali S. Nariman, Professor S. James Anaya, […]

ITN  |  septiembre 28, 2009

Oral hearings held in NAFTA arbitration over Canadian pesticide ban

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz 2 October 2009 Chemtura Corporation’s dispute with Canada over the phase-out of the agro-chemical Lindane headed to oral hearings in September after 8 years of legal […]

ITN  |  agosto 31, 2009

Claim by Corn Products International results in a sour result for Mexico and its sweetener industry

By Elizabeth Whitsitt 2 September 2009 The United Mexican States has suffered yet another setback in its long and protracted dispute with the United States of America over the sugar […]

ITN  |  mayo 11, 2009

Tribunal rechaza Alegato de Contramedidas en laudo recientemente publicado en el caso Corn Products International Inc. c. Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Por Elizabeth Whitsitt 28 de Abril, 2009 En un laudo del CIADI recientemente publicado, un tribunal declaró culpable a México por violar el Capítulo 11 del TLCAN ante la empresa […]

ITN  |  mayo 11, 2009

¿Derribando el TLCAN?

Por Howard Mann, Asesor Senior en Derecho Internacional del Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Sostenible 2 de Mayo 2009 El 31 de marzo de 2009 Dow AgroSciences LLC, subsidiaria de la […]

ITN  |  mayo 3, 2009


By Howard Mann, Senior International Legal Advisor to the International Institute for Sustainable Development 2 May 2009 On 31 March 2009 Dow AgroSciences LLC, a subsidiary of the U.S. Dow […]

ITN  |  abril 28, 2009

Tribunal rejects the Defense of Countermeasures in recently published Corn Products International Inc. v. The United Mexican States award

By Elizabeth Whitsitt 28 April 2009 In a recently published ICSID award, a tribunal found Mexico liable to an American company, Corn Products International Inc. (CPI) and its wholly-owned Mexican […]

ITN  |  abril 20, 2009

Tribunal disqualifies "abusive" claim by Phoenix Action against the Czech Republic

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 20 April 2009 A three-member tribunal has disqualified a claim by the Israeli-based Phoenix Action LTD, concluding that its purchase of two Czech companies was solely a […]

ITN  |  febrero 27, 2009

Canadian First Nations Chief intervenes in NAFTA Chapter 11 tobacco dispute

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 27 February 2009 The head of the Canadian Assembly of First Nations Peoples has voiced his support for a group of Canadian investors in a tobacco company […]

ITN  |  enero 29, 2009

Parties file memorials in long-running NAFTA dispute over U.S. tobacco settlements; Canada intervenes with opinion on customary international law related to aboriginal rights

By Fernando Cabrera and Damon Vis-Dunbar 29 January 2009 The Canadian tobacco manufacturer Grand River Enterprises Six Nations and the United State have filed memorials in a long-running NAFTA Chapter […]

ITN  |  enero 15, 2009

Canadian pharmaceutical company alleges denial of justice in claim against the United States

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 15 January 2009 A Canadian pharmaceutical company delivered a notice of arbitration to the United States government in December 2008 under NAFTA’s Chapter 11 on investment. The […]

ITN  |  octubre 23, 2008

Chemical company warns Canada of a potential lawsuit over pesticide ban

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 23 October 2008 One of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers may sue the Canadian government over the ban of a lawn pesticide in the Province of Quebec. […]