Cláusulas de responsabilidad social empresarial en los tratados de inversión

La RSE se refiere a las reglas y prácticas que las empresas siguen voluntariamente para limitar las externalidades negativas sociales, ambientales y de otra índole causadas por sus actividades. Existe una tendencia a incorporar estándares de RSE en los tratados de inversión. ¿Podrían ser útiles las cláusulas de RSE para consolidar las obligaciones exigibles de los inversores y servir de base para demandas reconvencionales de los Estados?

Counterclaims by States in Investment Arbitration

It is quite common in investment arbitration for the respondent State to include in its defense to treaty claims one or more criticisms of the investor’s underlying conduct. Yet while such arguments feature prominently in State defenses, they are rarely framed as counterclaims seeking affirmative relief. The reason may lie in an instinctive preference by States to pursue any affirmative claims in their own courts. But it may also lie in perceived limits to the jurisdiction of international tribunals to hear State counterclaims.

Two recent ICSID decisions have reached entirely different conclusions on the issue of jurisdiction over State counterclaims. This essay touches briefly on certain jurisprudential and policy factors that may explain the divergent results and frame future cases for further analysis.

ITN  |  julio 12, 2011

Awards and Decisions

Swiss claimant fails jurisdictional stage for not qualifying as an ‘investor’ Alps Finance and Trade AG v. Slovak Republic Damon Vis-Dunbar A claim against the government of Slovakia has failed […]