ITN October 2009

ITN October 2009 In this issue: Ad Hoc Committee confirms Argentina is on the hook to Azurix for US$165 Million; Oral hearings held in NAFTA arbitration over Canadian pesticide ban; […]

ITN  |  octubre 1, 2009

Chevron launches investment-treaty claim against Ecuador

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 2 October 2009 Correction: The original headline in this article stated that Chevron Corporation alleges a denial of justice on the part of Ecuador. Chevron explains that […]

ITN  |  octubre 1, 2009

In Brief: Telefonica and Argentina settle dispute

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 2 October 2009 The Spanish multinational Telefonica and Argentina have discontinued their arbitration at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. The proceedings had been suspended […]

ITN  |  septiembre 28, 2009

Oral arguments held in ICJ dispute over pulp mills on the River Uruguay

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz 2 October 2009 Oral arguments have been held at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the dispute between Argentina and Uruguay over the latter’s authorization […]

ITN September 2009

ITN September 2009 In this issue: Fork-in-the-road provision partially bars claim by Greek investor; Pantechniki v. Albania decision offers pragmatic approach to interpreting fork-in-the-road clauses; Ecuador prepares for life after […]

ITN  |  agosto 28, 2009

Pantechniki S.A. Contractors & Engineers v. The Republic of Albania: Fork-in-the-road provision partially bars claim by Greek investor

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 2 September 2009 A Greek company’s decision to litigate in Albania’s domestic courts has prevented it from arbitrating a similar claim under the Albania-Greece bilateral investment treaty. […]

ITN July 2009

ITN July 2009 In this issue: Glamis Gold Ltd. v. United States of America: Tribunal sets a high bar for establishing breach of «Fair and Equitable Treatment» under NAFTA; South […]

ITN  |  julio 15, 2009

Greenpeace pressures German government for transparency in Vattenfall dispute

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 15 July 2009 Arbitration proceedings between the Government of Germany and the Swedish energy utility Vattenfall should be conducted transparently, argue a coalition of non-governmental organizations. Greenpeace […]

ITN  |  julio 15, 2009

South African trade department critical of approach taken to BIT-making

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 15 July 2009 A position paper published by the Government of South Africa takes a critical posture towards the country’s bilateral investment treaties (BITs). “Existing international investment […]

ITN  |  julio 13, 2009

Venezuela consents to arbitration in new BIT with Russia

By Fernando Cabrera Diaz 15 July 2009 A new bilateral investment treaty between Venezuela and Russia provides consent to international arbitration for settling disputes pursuant to the treaty, despite President […]

ITN  |  julio 11, 2009

Vattenfall request for arbitration

Request for Arbitration in a dispute between Vattenfall AB, Vattenfall Europe AG, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co. KG (Sweden and Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany, 30 March […]

ITN  |  julio 10, 2009

Vattenfall request for arbitration sheds new light on dispute with Germany

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 11 July 2009 Investment Treaty News (ITN) has posted the request for arbitration by the Swedish energy utility Vattenfall against the Government of Germany. In April Vattenfall […]

ITN June 2009

ITN June 2009 In this issue: US forestry company and Canada dispute British Columbia logging regulations; Ecuador defies provisional measures in dispute with French oil company; Ecuador continues exit from […]

ITN  |  junio 5, 2009

Recently Published: A Thirst For Distant Lands: foreign investment in agricultural land and water

Recently Published: A Thirst For Distant Lands: foreign investment in agricultural land and water A new paper published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), and authored by […]

ITN  |  junio 5, 2009

NGOs claim the Philippine-Japan free trade agreement is unconstitutional

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 8 June 2009 A petition lodged with the Philippine Supreme Court by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) argues that the investment chapter of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) […]

ITN  |  mayo 11, 2009

Tribunal rechaza Alegato de Contramedidas en laudo recientemente publicado en el caso Corn Products International Inc. c. Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Por Elizabeth Whitsitt 28 de Abril, 2009 En un laudo del CIADI recientemente publicado, un tribunal declaró culpable a México por violar el Capítulo 11 del TLCAN ante la empresa […]

ITN  |  mayo 11, 2009

¿Derribando el TLCAN?

Por Howard Mann, Asesor Senior en Derecho Internacional del Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Sostenible 2 de Mayo 2009 El 31 de marzo de 2009 Dow AgroSciences LLC, subsidiaria de la […]