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By Elizabeth Whitsitt

December 6, 2009

International Investments Protection:  Comparative Law Analysis of Bilateral and Multilateral Interstate Conventions, Doctrinal Texts and Arbitral Jurisprudence Concerning Foreign Investments, By Jan Schokkaert and Yvon Heckscher, Bruylant, 2009

A new book on international investment law published by Bruylant with the support of the Antwerp University Institute of Development Policy and Management aims to "suggest means, to Contracting States and international investors alike, to improve current media of protection of investments made on foreign soil."  More specifically, the objective of the book is "…to facilitate the drafting of Treaty and State Contract texts better adapted to rapidly evolving international arbitration."  The book is published by Jan Schokkaert, a lawyer with significant experience in the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Yvon Oscar Heckscher, a lawyer specializing in US immigration and naturalization laws, and in European Union sustainable development laws and practices.  The Book can be ordered from the Bruylant website at: