Recently Published: Regional Trade Agreements: Law, Policy and Practice

4 March 2009
Recently Published
Regional Trade Agreements: Law, Policy and Practice, By David A. Gantz, Carolina Academic Press, 2009.
This volume is designed to introduce the reader to the world of RTAs, for general understanding of the place of RTAs in the global trading system, appreciation of the context and legal content of particular RTAs, and as a basis for further study, research and analysis. 

Part I discusses the economic, policy and developmental issues arising from regionalism, and then considers the WTO legal regime as it affects and is affected by RTAs.  Part II discusses the multiple FTAs concluded by the United States with various trading partners since 1985, beginning with an analysis of the political, legal and policy considerations that affect the United States’ ability to conclude international trade agreements.  Part III analyzes a selection of other important RTAs:  The European Union, Central American Common Market, MERCOSUR, South African Customs Union, and ASEAN FTA.  The author, David A. Gantz, is Samuel M. Fegtly Professor of Law and Director of the International Trade Law Program at the University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law.  Further information is available at