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Investment Facilitation

IISD helps governments shape sustainable investment through informed policy design and capacity building. We empower developing countries in the World Grade Organization (WTO) negotiations on Investment Facilitation for Development, providing analysis and legal expertise to ensure investments contribute to inclusive growth while safeguarding regulatory autonomy.

Crafting well-designed investment rules is pivotal in fostering sustainable investments, particularly when those rules emphasize environmental considerations and local ties and safeguard regulatory space. Ensuring coherence between investment policies across different levels and sustainable development is paramount in this process. By embedding social and environmental factors in investment agreements and policy, IISD's work aims to shape foreign investment policy so it fuels inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

We have engaged, over many years, to empower developing and least developed countries' negotiators, enhancing their technical knowledge and capacity so they can more effectively participate in WTO negotiations on Investment Facilitation for Development. Our impartial and objective analysis helps members to articulate their needs, positions, and priorities within these negotiations. We also draw on the legal expertise of our Investment Policy team to identify and address issues emerging at the convergence of the WTO agreement and international investment treaties.


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