A family of hikers stops to explore a lake in a mountain wilderness park.


Our planet’s resources and biodiversity are under severe pressure and workable solutions are urgently needed.

IISD works to bridge divides. We develop conservation efforts that support community livelihoods and provide research and tools to guide economic activity that supports ecosystems and social well-being.

To accelerate progress in this area we will:

  • Sustain the world’s most comprehensive long-term data set on monitoring of freshwater ecosystems.
  • Expand research on the impact of contaminants, invasive species, and eutrophication on the world’s freshwater resources.
  • Optimize the benefits of mining through the IGF with a focus on taxation, environmental safeguards, local content, and small-scale mining.
  • Lead global thinking on the responsible sourcing of minerals and metals for the energy transition.
  • Drive policies and practices that build more resilient food systems and strengthen investment rules that advance food security in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable way.