The Joint Initiative on Investment Facilitation for Development

Evolution from 2022 and the road to MC13

Negotiations on a new WTO Agreement on Investment Facilitation for Development have advanced considerably. Members of the Joint Statement Initiative have made significant progress toward a single stabilized negotiating text with very few outstanding issues remaining.

By Rashmi Jose on February 27, 2023

This report provides an update on how the negotiating text has evolved, summarizing the content of the draft agreement as it stands. It also highlights the main changes to the text from 2022 and the issues that members have yet to align on. The paper concludes with an overview of what might be expected from the JSI process going forward, including on the matter of the legal architecture.

This material has been produced with funding by UK aid from the British Government. The Umbrella Grant is a project of the Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) and is implemented by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and CUTS International, Geneva.

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