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The Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement

With over 100 World Trade Organization members pushing to wrap up negotiations for an Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement, what would the actual accord mean for investment governance and sustainable development?
Deep Dive March 3, 2023

GTAGA: The Global Trade and Gender Arrangement, decoded

The Global Trade and Gender Arrangement has been heralded by many as "ground-breaking," a "landmark," and an innovative and comprehensive initiative. But is it really? What does it add to trade and gender provisions in existing agreements and how far can it go to redress gender inequalities in participating countries?
Deep Dive March 1, 2023

Why Canada Is Unlikely to Sell the Last Barrel of Oil

As new technologies and climate policies eat into global demand for oil, this investigation finds that Canadian producers face existential threats that will require bold government policy to diversify the country's economy.
Deep Dive December 14, 2022

Why Canada’s Energy Security Hinges on Renewables

This deep dive into the evidence shows investing in clean, flexible, and reliable electricity grids is the best option to increase Canadians' energy security, particularly long-term affordability.
Deep Dive October 3, 2022