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Digital trade policies increasingly shape the conditions of competition in the international market. IISD’s work helps developing countries to assess how best to advance, and protect, their interests and how to build inclusive global e-commerce frameworks that advance sustainable development everywhere. We provide impartial, objective support to negotiators engaged in the World Trade Organization (WTO) e-commerce negotiations.

In today's interconnected world, domestic and international regulations governing digital trade must serve as bridges, ensuring equitable access to the benefits of e-commerce for businesses and consumers everywhere. Our work supports the development of e-commerce frameworks that integrate sustainable development principles, such as inclusivity, data privacy protection, environmental sustainability, and digital literacy. We work at the multilateral, regional, and national levels to help shape digital trade rules that foster development and narrow global disparities.

Drawing on years of experience, we empower developing and least developed country negotiators to navigate WTO discussions on e-commerce. Through impartial analysis, we equip members with the insights needed to articulate their needs, positions, and priorities.


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