Watts in Store Part 2

Creating an enabling environment for the deployment of grid batteries in South Africa

The costs and capabilities of grid-located batteries have improved dramatically in recent years and could play an import role in South Africa's electricity system. This report examines the challenges facing grid batteries in South Africa and how these can be overcome.

By Richard Halsey, Richard Bridle, Neil Overy, Bathandwa Vazi on June 12, 2024
  • Grid-located batteries can improve grid functioning and public supply of electricity, but there is currently little momentum for grid battery storage in South Africa.

  • Successful grid battery deployment in regions like South Australia and California can guide South Africa, but solutions must be appropriate for the South African context.

  • Three key objectives are (i) to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing in national electricity planning; (ii) to facilitate battery developers' access to multiple revenue streams; and (iii) to support immediate local value chain opportunities.

Watts in Store Part 2 is the second in a two-part series about energy storage in South Africa. It focuses on grid-located batteries and explores how to create an enabling environment for their deployment while maximizing key benefits and minimizing human rights violations and environmental, health, and safety risks. The report draws on interviews from over 70 stakeholders and provides an overview of possible solutions to some of the key challenges that were identified.

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