Youth holding signs at a climate strike in Indonesia, 2019


Our researchers are always working to deliver the knowledge to act, but to fulfil that mission effectively, they must listen to and collaborate with those taking the action.

To make sure our research meets the needs of people on the ground, we need to be challenged by new ideas from today's active innovators. With this project, we have reached beyond our usual circle of experts to meet those leading the charge for change. We've joined forces with young leaders to create clear, credible resources that directly confront the realities of our present and our future. The results are a joint series of no-nonsense digital stories that illuminate crucial ideas while speaking directly to the people—impenetrable jargon not included. These snapshots of our work, infused with the passion and creativity of our project partners, are just the beginning of our quest to empower those shaping our future and bring policy research to the next generation of advocates.