Video | Dec 23, 2020

IISD-ELA Goes TikTok

“Create a video about the impact of climate change on fresh water … but make it festive. And viral…”

To make sure our unique approach to freshwater research meets the needs of people on the ground, we need to be challenged by new ideas from today’s young and active innovators.

Luckily for us, we are thrilled to welcome hundreds of young people out to the world’s freshwater laboratory every year—from grade-school students to post-graduates.

They all bring youthful energy to their work—and now to our communications.

As part of a larger project with the whole of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Lauren Timlick and Avril Hann, who have spent many hours at the site, developed two TikTok videos to explain our complex findings on the impact of climate change on fish to people of all ages.

Impenetrable jargon banned, these videos bring our research to life like never before.

Once you have watched the videos below, be sure to learn more about the #IISDNext project by clicking here.