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The Final Countdown: How Canada can end fossil fuel subsidies this year

The conversation on ending fossil fuel subsidies in Canada has been hanging like a dark cloud over the country, with years of pledges failing to lead to concrete action. But the skies may finally clear in the coming months with the release of Canada's long-awaited subsidies framework and policy.
Insight May 29, 2023

Last Call for the Global Stocktake

The 2023 Bonn Climate Change Conference will be the last opportunity for countries and relevant stakeholders to provide technical inputs into the two-year Global Stocktake process. What are our expectations on adaptation?
Insight May 24, 2023

Uncovering the Value of Sustainable Transport Investments

Using a case study in Coimbatore, India, IISD demonstrates the importance of recognizing, valuing, and reflecting the full economic, social and environmental benefits and costs of a transport project in infrastructure decision-making.
Insight May 22, 2023