ASEAN-IGF Minerals Cooperation: Scoping study on critical minerals supply chains in ASEAN

IGF-ASEAN study exploring opportunities arising from rising demand for critical minerals and metals to fuel the energy and digital transitions.

By Pavel Bilek on May 16, 2023

The ongoing energy transition and digital transformation present significant opportunities for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States. These countries produce and refine large amounts of many critical metals and minerals and are important manufacturing hubs with high potential to further integrate into advanced global supply chains.The parallel trends present ASEAN countries with a significant two-fold opportunity to expand mining production and integrate and upgrade their critical mineral manufacturing value chains.

This scoping study explores the implications of the twin energy and digital transitions, focusing on minerals and metals that are critical for the transition. Among the key issues explored, the study presents an overview of how critical or strategic minerals can be defined and classified within the context of ASEAN, the wider critical mineral value chains, and policy options to consider.