Financial Benefit-Sharing Issues for Critical Minerals: Challenges and opportunities for producing countries

Do policy-makers need to rethink fiscal policies to ensure the financial benefits from critical minerals are shared fairly?

By Ekpen Omonbude , Kudzai Mataba on March 22, 2024

Are current fiscal approaches and policies aligned with national strategies, including ensuring that mineral-rich developing countries collect an appropriate share of the financial benefits from critical minerals value chains? If not, what needs to change?

This report seeks to answer these fundamental questions about financial benefit sharing in relation to critical and strategic minerals for the energy and digital transition.

While the financial benefit-sharing challenges and opportunities in extracting and processing critical minerals are not fundamentally different from the commonly known challenges facing mining revenue collection in general, some nuances require further investigation. This report seeks to identify these nuances in the key features of critical minerals and the new challenges and opportunities they present to fiscal regulation.