CRiSTAL Food Security 2.0 User's Manual. Community-based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation and Livelihoods: Focus on Food System Resilience

By Alicia Natalia Zamudio, Marius Keller, Alicia Natalia Zamudio on April 9, 2014

CRiSTAL Food Security is a decision-support tool for local-level government staff and development practitioners to support climate resilience of food systems at the community level.

It aims to help users to understand the key elements of a community food system and their sensitivity to climate variability and change; the resilience of food system elements to climate variability and change, and how to improve it; and what indicators can help monitor the evolution of community food system resilience over time. CRiSTAL Food Security is mainly targeted at local-level decision-makers, such as municipal or district-level government staff, project managers of development organizations and local community leaders. The tool consists of a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and produces as a main output a series of automatically generated reports based on information entered into the spreadsheets. This manual guides users through each analytical step of the CRiSTAL Food Security tool.

The CRiSTAL Food Security tool is available in English and Spanish versions.

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