FIPAT Guidebook: Food Security Indicator & Policy Analysis Tool

By Daniella Echeverría, Daniella Echeverría, Marius Keller on April 9, 2014

The relationship between climate resilience, food security and the policies and actions of multiple levels of government is complex.

Government decision makers who want to build more climate resilient food systems need an analytical tool to help them identify required resilience actions, monitor food system resilience over time, and assess the extent to which current policies strengthen food system resilience.

The Food Security Indicator & Policy Analysis Tool (FIPAT) has been developed to address this need. It provides a logical sequence of analytical steps that help users to:

  • Identify key elements of their food system and their vulnerability to climate shocks and stresses;
  • Identify relevant resilience actions to strengthen these vulnerable elements;
  • Select indicators to monitor changes in food system resilience over time; and
  • Assess the extent to which public policies support the implementation of required resilience actions; the capacity of actors to reduce risk and promote resilience; and the creation and maintenance of food system resilience.

This guidebook helps the leaders and facilitators of a FIPAT assessment to understand the conceptual foundation of the tool and to prepare for and conduct the assessment process.

The FIPAT Tool is available in English and Spanish versions.

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