Compilation of WTO Notifications on Fisheries Subsidies

This compilation brings together in one document all the information related to subsidies to marine wild capture fisheries contained in World Trade Organization (WTO) members' individual subsidy notifications.

March 30, 2021

As part of its activities to support the negotiation of meaningful new World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on fisheries subsidies, IISD has produced a compilation of all subsidies to marine wild capture fishing notified by WTO members. The objective of this compilation is to increase the level of transparency around fisheries subsidies by providing an easy-to-use, one-stop document that gathers all notified information and can be used by WTO members’ negotiators and public officials involved in this negotiating process, as well as other stakeholders interested in the subject.

For each WTO member, the most recent subsidy notification was included in the compilation. Because this information tool is meant to support the current WTO negotiation on fisheries subsidies, and new possible disciplines are expected to focus on wild marine capture fisheries, subsidy programs that were explicitly targeted at aquaculture and inland fishing have not been included in the compilation.

Please note that this is an unofficial document. IISD also welcomes any feedback on the compilation.