Boat fisheries subsidies

Fisheries Subsidies

IISD works to support the implementation of the 2022 Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies and ongoing negotiations at the World Trade Organization negotiations toward additional rules.

IISD's engagement in fisheries, trade, and sustainable development is geared toward shaping multilateral and regional trade policies that foster sustainable fishing practices. Because of its potential impact, our primary focus is supporting progress on World Trade Organization negotiations to end harmful fisheries subsidies.

The imperative to eliminate harmful subsidies extends beyond environmental concerns; it is pivotal for preserving the livelihoods of millions dependent on fishing, promoting a fairer fishing sector, and creating a level playing field in international trade. The Sustainable Development Goals explicitly target regulations to curb these subsidies: Target 14.6 calls on governments to conclude these negotiations. Doing so would be instrumental in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals more broadly, by aligning subsidy policies with environmental sustainability, thus safeguarding marine resources and promoting sustainable socio-economic benefits derived from fishing.

For years, IISD has supported governments in negotiating new rules on fisheries subsidies and facilitating their implementation. We provide impartial analysis and advice to help governments identify how best to shape those rules and how they can implement them to reform subsidies in ways that support sustainability in the fishing sector.


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