Tara Laan

Senior Associate

Tara Laan is a Senior Associate with IISD’s Energy Program. She leads IISD’s energy taxation work and has over 14 years experience on energy subsidy reform. Tara’s work spans a diverse range of economies, including the energy program’s focus countries: Canada, India, Indonesia, and South Africa. She has successfully concluded projects with the Asian Development Bank, the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency in Nigeria, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the World Bank, among others.

Before joining IISD, Tara held several positions in the Australian Government, including senior adviser for trade policy in the prime minister’s department and adviser on natural resource management and environmental conservation issues. Tara also led a team on education policy in the premier’s department in the Australian state of Victoria.

Tara has a BSc (Honours) in ecology and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Responsible Business
Green Taxation
Natural Resource Management
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Bachelor of Science – Botany and Zoology, University of Adelaide