Jennifer Allan

Writer/Editor, Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Jennifer Allan is a Strategic Adviser and Team Leader with Earth Negotiations Bulletin, as well as a Lecturer at Cardiff University. A Canadian national with a focus on a broad range of global environmental challenges, Jen has followed climate change, chemicals, and wastes with ENB since 2011.

Jen's work has explored how rules are made at a global level. She contributed to the ENB team that documented and analysed the adoption of the Paris Agreement and led our work related to the Paris Agreement Work Programme. With the team, she outlined the key components and dynamics – an assessment ultimately used by media, NGOs, and governments around the world.

Although Jen is now in academia, she has previously worked with IUCN in Bangkok, on local forest management, the Clean Air Strategic Alliance in Edmonton, on air quality policy. She has a BA International Studies (University of Northern British Columbia), a MA International Development (Guelph University) and a PhD Political Science (University of British Columbia).

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Areas of expertise
Climate Change Mitigation
Governance and Multilateral Agreements
Climate Change and Governance
Global Political Economy
Intergovernmental Policy
Intergovernmental Processes
International Development Bodies
International Economic Governance
International Negotiations
International Organizations
UNFCCC Processes
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Reporting Services
PhD Political Science, University of British Columbia
MA International Development, Guelph University
BA International Studies, University of Northern British Columbia
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