Urban Tree Planting Kigali SUNCASA

Urban Nature-Based Solutions

SUNCASA’s watershed restoration and greening activities aim to enhance the resilience of African cities to the escalating challenges posed by climate impacts, particularly floods and droughts, and to strengthen biodiversity and ecological health to address land and water degradation.

Two-thirds of African cities are at extreme risk of climate change impacts, and these threats are particularly acute among the most vulnerable communities. Nature-based solutions (NbS) are widely recognized as cost-effective means to reduce climate risk vulnerabilities while contributing to improved adaptation and biodiversity outcomes.

SUNCASA seeks to address the increasing climate vulnerability in Dire Dawa (Ethiopia), Kigali (Rwanda), and Johannesburg (South Africa), driven by a combination of rapid urbanization, nascent climate governance systems, poor infrastructure, large populations with poor socio-economic status, and limited resources to adapt to climate shifts.

SUNCASA’s nature-positive design aims to enhance habitats and their connectivity, as well as ecological form and function. It uses noninvasive, diverse, ecologically adapted, and multipurpose species for restoration and greening activities. These activities will support flood and landslide mitigation and erosion control, reduce urban heat islands, and protect biodiversity.

SUNCASA will support municipal governments, academic and civil society partners, women’s organizations, and communities in each city in designing, implementing, monitoring, and advocating for context-specific NbS that address local priorities. SUNCASA will also ensure that local partners are trained and empowered to deliver effective NbS that achieve local climate adaptation goals.