Simeon mountains in Ethiopia, Africa

Dire Dawa

In Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, SUNCASA will restore the Dechatu River catchment to address flood risk, erosion, and urban water stress. Over 200,000 people living in flood-prone areas will benefit from gender-responsive nature-based solutions (NbS), including afforestation, buffer zone establishment, agroforestry for runoff management and generating livelihoods, and urban tree planting to reduce flooding and heat impacts.

Flash floods, soil erosion, and water scarcity are critical climate change hazards in Dire Dawa. Community health and the local economy are at risk from heat and water scarcity due to declining groundwater levels.

SUNCASA will partner with local actors to implement NbS, focusing on urban and rural kebeles (villages) in flood-prone areas. The NbS implemented under SUNCASA will reduce flash flooding and soil erosion, enhance groundwater recharge and buffer zone development, and expand opportunities for agroforestry, improving land productivity, crop yields, and access to technology.

The initiative will directly benefit between 3,500 and 4,000 individuals through capacity-building training and employment in seedling production, beekeeping, foraging, compost production, and other project-related engagements. The project will also promote urban green spaces by developing community parks and planting trees on public lands, private property, and along roadsides.

SUNCASA Activities in the Dechatu River Watershed

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