The Sustainable Agriculture Transition: Technology options for low- and middle-income countries

This report explores the ways in which disruptive technologies can help food and agriculture systems worldwide deal with three complex challenges.

First, demand for nutritious food continues to rise globally. Second, food and agriculture systems are having to adapt to changing weather and ecological conditions while reducing the harm they cause to the environment. Third, farmers and farmworkers face economic precarity and vulnerability, with too many living in poverty and chronic hunger. The challenges are immense, but there are technologies that can make a positive difference.

This report looks at innovations in three areas of technology, particularly how the declining costs and increased availability of renewable energy can make a difference. The authors also analyzed how off-grid electrification using solar photovoltaics (PV), dramatic improvements in battery capacity and performance, and the data revolution in information and communication technology (ICT) can each strengthen the resilience and sustainability of food and agriculture systems in low-and middle-income countries.

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Food and Agriculture
Technology and Innovation
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IISD, 2020