Review of Current and Planned Adaptation Action in Nepal

This report summarizes the climate risks and vulnerable sectors in Nepal, providing an overview of policies and initiatives introduced at the national and sub-national levels to advance the country’s adaptation efforts.

By Anika Terton, Jyotiraj Patra on August 27, 2016

This report provides a snapshot of Nepal’s current and planned efforts to support adaptation to climate change.

It describes how Nepal is addressing its vulnerability to climate change by advancing adaptation action at the local, sub-national and national levels. Of particular concern for the country is the need to address adaptation requirements in sectors such as agriculture, water resources, energy, health and urban planning. The Government of Nepal’s leadership in adaptation planning, despite decades-long political instability and poor performance of the economy, has been recognized as a good example of a country-driven and country-owned initiative. The ongoing Local Adaptation Plans for Action process has demonstrated the potential of bottom-up, inclusive and decentralized adaptation planning. Drawing upon available literature, this report is one in a series prepared by IISD to support the work of the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA).  

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Climate Change Adaptation
Review of Adaptation Action in 15 Asian and African Countries
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IDRC, 2016