Review of Current and Planned Adaptation Action in Ghana

This report summarizes the climate risks and vulnerable sectors in Ghana, providing an overview of climate change adaptation policies and initiatives that have been introduced at the national and sub-national levels.

By Angie Dazé, Daniella Echeverría on August 27, 2016

In Ghana, the impacts of climate variability and change, including rising sea levels and temperatures and increasing rainfall variability, challenge the country’s efforts to realize its vision of inclusion and prosperity.

This report provides an overview of current efforts by the country to adapt to climate change, which is expected to negatively affect progress in sectors such as agriculture, water, fisheries, energy and health. The northern part of the country, in particular, will require concerted adaptation efforts to reduce poverty and build resilience. The Government of Ghana has made efforts to recognize climate change as a risk in sectoral policies on water, agriculture and energy; however, these policy documents contain few concrete actions to address the risk. The National Climate Change Policy and the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy aim to fill this gap, identifying key adaptation priorities across the sectors described above. Among the ongoing adaptation initiatives in Ghana, a number of projects are concentrated in the northern regions and in the agricultural sector, reflecting the particular vulnerability of the north and the importance of this sector for poverty reduction and economic growth, as reflected in government priorities. Key priorities for the future include the development of the evidence base for adaptation through effective monitoring and evaluation, and strengthening capacity for civil society networks and sub-national actors. This report is one in a series of country reviews prepared by IISD to provide the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) with a snapshot of adaptation action in its countries of engagement.

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Climate Change Adaptation
Review of Adaptation Action in 15 Asian and African Countries
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IDRC, 2016