Mapping India's Energy Policy 2022 (Update)

Tracking government support for energy

Mapping India’s Energy Policy 2022 (Update) presents the latest estimates of government support for fossil fuels, renewable energy, and electric vehicles in India, extending the data to include FY 2022 for the first time. It covers fiscal years 2014–2022.

  • Subsidies for renewable energy doubled in FY 2022, the first increase since FY 2017.

  • India provided at least INR 5 lakh crore (USD 68 billion) to support the energy sector in FY 2022, including over INR 2.25 lakh crore (USD 30 billion) in the form of subsidies.

  • Subsidies for fossil fuels remained over four times higher than subsidies for clean energy in FY 2022.

India’s energy sector is changing rapidly in response to increasing demand, the rise of clean energy, and the energy security imperative. Government policies—particularly financial support—are hugely influential in determining how the sector develops, including the direction of private sector investments, energy access, and the benefits and costs for the people of India. Mapping India’s Energy Policy is a resource to help the Government of India and others make the energy sector more equitable, secure, and aligned with the government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

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