Adaptive Strategies and Sustainable Livelihoods: Policy Issues - Ethiopia

By Naresh Singh, Perpetua Kalala on January 11, 2002
This report should be of interest to those who are searching for lessons about the way in which two communities living in an extremely fragile environment operationalize sustainable livelihoods. Thus it should be of interest to local governments in communities similar to those of the Boran and Afar. It should also be of interest to those who design policies which depend on the local responses of agri-pastoralists, not only in Ethiopia, but indeed in all arid and semi-arid zones. This included local and national policy-makers, as well as international donor agencies, especially in the wake of the UN desertification convention when more attention is being paid to resolving the problems confronting the inhabitants of areas with low precipitation.

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IISD, 2002