Toolkit for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for National Adaptation Plan Processes

By Emilie Beauchamp, Timo Leiter, Patrick Pringle, Nick Brooks, Shafaq Masud, Patrick Guerdat on May 8, 2024
  • Continuously learning from MEL allow countries to adjust their NAP processes and strategies as changes occur, providing the evidence to ensure effectiveness of adaptation and avoiding negative unintended effects.

  • The Toolkit for MEL for NAP Processes from NAP Global Network and the Adaptation Committee brings together over 30 practical examples from countries and key resources to help guide adaptation teams through MEL systems.

  • Having a robust system for MEL that deepens understanding of what is working, how and for whom, provide a critical basis for building equitable NAP processes and outcomes. This toolkit guides adaptation teams in government to build this foundation.

As the impacts of climate change and climate-related shocks become more unpredictable and severe, countries are increasingly using NAP processes to design and build resilient strategies – and learn from them. Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems are critical to enable countries to understand if NAP processes work, how they work and for whom, and how to improve actions based on the insights gained. Continuously learning from NAP processes actions and adjusting strategies accordingly is crucial to improve the effectiveness of adaptation and to avoid negative unintended effects from policies and interventions.

MEL systems for NAP processes are also an important source of information for processes under the Paris Agreement – including assessing collective progress on the global goal on adaptation through the UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience, and relatedly the adaptation section of Biennial Transparency Reports.

This toolkit for MEL for NAP processes provides practical guidance for the development and continuous improvement of MEL systems for national adaptation processes. It is designed for government actors coordinating NAP processes, along with stakeholders and development partners supporting adaptation planning and implementation. This toolkit provides flexible yet concrete guidance on the planning, implementation, and revision of MEL systems, regardless of what stage countries are at in their NAP processes or the development and implementation of their MEL system.

The toolkit has been developed in collaboration with the Adaptation Committee.

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