Investment Treaty News Quarterly (ITN), Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2017

Investment Treaty News is IISD’s flagship quarterly journal on international investment law and policy.

By Martin Dietrich Brauch, Marina Ruete, Suzy H. Nikièma, Laurens Ankersmit, José Carlos Bernal Rivera, Lise Johnson, Brooke Skartvedt Guven, Inaê Siqueira de Oliveira, María Florencia Sarmiento, Matthew Levine, Amr Arafa Hasaan on March 13, 2017

Investment Treaty News is IISD’s flagship quarterly journal on international investment law and policy.

Featured articles:

  • The Power to Conclude the New Generation of EU FTAs: AG Sharpston in Opinion 2/15, by Laurens Ankersmit
  • Can Bolivian State-Owned Companies Submit to International Arbitration? Analyzing Bolivia’s Intricate Legal Framework on Foreign Investment, by José Carlos Bernal Rivera
  • The Settlement of Investment Disputes: A Discussion of Democratic Accountability and the Public Interest, by Lise Johnson and Brooke Skartvedt Guven

Summaries and analysis of recent arbitration awards and decisions:

  • ICSID tribunal dismisses claims brought against Indonesia based on forged mining licences (Churchill Mining PLC and Planet Mining Pty Ltd v. Republic of Indonesia, ICSID Case No. ARB/12/14 and ICSID Case No. ARB/12/40), by Inaê Siqueira de Oliveira
  • Renco failed to comply with formal waiver requirement under U.S.–Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (Renco Group Inc. v Republic of Peru, UNCT/13/1), by María Florencia Sarmiento
  • Pac Rim v. El Salvador: all claims dismissed; OceanaGold to pay US$8 million in costs (Pac Rim Cayman LLC v. Republic of El Salvador, ICSID, Case No. ARB/09/12), by Martin Dietrich Brauch
  • NAFTA tribunal orders Canada to pay U.S. wind power developer more than CAD28 million (Windstream Energy LLC v. Government of Canada, PCA Case No. 2013-22), by Matthew Levine
  • PCA tribunal dismisses expropriation and FET claims concerning an eco-touristic venture (Peter A. Allard v. The Government of Barbados, PCA Case No. 2012-06), by Amr Arafa Hasaan

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